It is totally up to you how you want to decorate your new apartment. You can choose to go fancy and stock up you place with impressive old paintings and golden stag heads, or you may prefer a simple decor with nothing out of the ordinary.

You probably will remember to have the essentials like a bed, couch, and electronics, etc. But, there are a lot of “not-so-big” things that you may not think about right away.

Here is a list of five categories to consider for your new apartment!


The living room space should be a place of relaxation, reading, hosting friends and family. Whether it’s a studio or a two bedroom, you’ll need to cross off the following in your checklist.

  • Comfy couch to make a great centerpiece of your living room area
  • Coffee table to put drinks and other things
  • Extra lighting for a bit of class and functionality
  • Television and DVD player to relax with and throw movie nights
  • Television stand for holding your TV and some decor
  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Artworks like wall arts, picture frames
  • Storage solutions like shelves for storing books

These items will surely make a good checklist for your living room area.


Basically, a bed is all you need to make a “bed” room. But, seriously, that can only work in prison. Your personal sanctuary deserves way more than just a bed and some sheets.

  • Full length mirror for you to check yourself out from time to time
  • A dresser for storing clothes and other things
  • Comforter for keeping warm
  • Nightstand where you can place items like your phone, books, etc
  • Extra lights for your bedside, makeups, studies, etc
  • Hangers where you can hang clothes and other accessories/supplies

All of these will make an awesome resting place for sure.


Most of the items you’re likely to forget are for the bathrooms. The following will have you covered though.

  • Loofah or a washcloth to get clean
  • Trash can for collecting trash
  • Shower curtain, liner, and rings
  • Towels for drying your body
  • Plunger to clear blockages in drains and pipes
  • Bath mat to absorb water following a shower bath
  • Scale for measuring body fat
  • Brushes for cleaning your toilet, bathtub, and bathroom floor

There are other non-essential items you can add to this list if you want.


To promote a healthy eating habit, you need to have a standard kitchen where you can prepare great meals for yourself. A standard kitchen should have the following basic items

  • Kitchen utensils like measuring spoons, mixing bowls, pans, pots, etc.
  • Food staples – spices and baking ingredients
  • Oven mitt to protect your hand when handling hot items

Of Course you’ll remember to get your groceries from your local food stores.


Be it a personal laundry room or not, you’re going to need to have the following items on hand to clean your clothes.

  • Detergent for your laundry
  • Bleach for removing tough stains
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Laundry basket for collecting worn clothes waiting to be washed

With all these in place, you can settle in pretty well in your new apartment. First time mover? Don’t worry! You can add a little bit here and there with time.

You’re going to spend a whole lot to put all of these together; it’s a long list, including the miscellaneous items. You may need to save save some money to be able to afford all these. But, if you’re renting, it might be a bit easier.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can save a lot of money by buying most of these items secondhand. Things like your sports gear, books, non-upholstered furniture, etc.

With so many things to remember, we tend to easily forget most of these items. Let us know in the comment section what small items you’ve forgotten about when moving to a new apartment.