The reality is, I’m sitting here writing this article at Starbucks. I mean it’s 2017, who doesn’t visit a coffee shop to get a little work done or even just to read and get away from the house? The truth is we’re all addicted to Starbucks – not just to their coffee, but to the ambiance of just sitting down at one of their establishments. Sometimes I come to Starbucks with the intention of just using the free WiFi. But then a wave of guilt comes over me that I’m a freeloader and I cave: I buy a cup of coffee.

Here are the facts: if you’re a millennial in the year 2017, you are probably addicted to Starbucks. But where there’s an addiction, there comes money flying out of your pocket. So here are some creative ways to curb your coffee habits and for you to save a little cash:

Get A Venti And Ask For Two Smaller Cups

If you’re on a cheap coffee date or just at Starbucks for the free WiFi, ask for a venti and then ask the barista for two small (tall) cups. That way you and the person you’re with can look legit while you’re both surfing the web for free.

Ask For Light Ice

We’ve all done it. We’ve all gotten a large (venti) peach tea lemonade on a hot summer day just to hear that dreaded sound. The sound of your straw slurping at the bottom of your cups because you just drank all your tea! Having a barista fill your cup to the brim with ice is just like opening a “full” bag of chips just to find out half of its contents was just air.

Ask For A Refill

Who really goes to Starbucks for just one cup of coffee? Not people addicted to Starbucks, that’s who! When you’re going for your next cup, try asking your barista for a refill. Why, you ask? Well, rather than buying multiple cups of coffee, a refill at Starbucks for a regular cup of coffee is only 50 cents!

If You Know You Want Room For Cream, Ask For A Larger Cup Size

Not everyone is a badass and drinks their coffee black. I’m one of those people. The difference in color between my girlfriend’s coffee and my own is shocking. To give you some reference, my coffee looks like liquid caramel and hers is pure black. Look – if you love creamer in your Starbucks coffee like I do, ask for a larger cup. That way you are getting what you pay for and not wasting any coffee.

Get The Starbucks APP and Sign Up For Rewards

Just for signing up, you get 15% off your purchase on your birthday. You’re a Starbucks addict, why wouldn’t you love that? Additionally, you get free refills on hot or iced brewed coffee.

Addicted to adult beverages? Man, that was weird to type…check out ways you can save here!

Look, we’re all addicts when it comes to our coffee. And it’s not stopping anytime soon, it’s too ingrained in our DNA. If we’re not gonna stop, let’s at least try to save some money along the way! Try these tips out and let WalletGyde save you some cash. You can thank us on our Facebook feed!