This message is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. You’re welcome.

Saving money isn’t easy, we all know it, and we don’t like to do it. (and if you do, just know you’re the minority on this one and I am truly proud of you). But one thing that we all should LOVE to do is take advantage of all the free money we can get. No, I’m not talking about stealing or begging for money on your local street corner.

I am talking about investing in your future and preparing for the day you want to retire, all with the help of FREE MONEY.

Unfortunately, pensions are now few and far between.  Sucks, but it’s the truth and we must deal with it. How you deal with it is completely up to you, but here are three simple options:

  1. Be upset about it, cry, and continue working until you die.
  2. Marry rich (Financially stable bachelors… just so you know, I am still single. I’m just as shocked as you are).

Or the smartest option:

  1. Start contributing to your 401k, and do it now.

Most employers offer some sort of percentage match, and I’m telling you whether you think 3%, 5%, or however much they might be offering can’t make a difference, at the end of the day IT’S FREE MONEY. I repeat FREE, so please take advantage of it. Even better, your contribution comes out of your pre-taxed income, thus lowering your taxable income, so WHY the heck not?

I am all too familiar with getting out of college and realizing that you are now more broke than you ever; adulthood is absolutely no joke y’all. But as much as you’d love to see that extra percentage in your paycheck, I promise you will learn to live without it.

So what did we learn today, my friends? 401k…all day!


Erika WG