Investing is one of the most adult things you can do. It’s like jumping into the adult pool off of a twelve-foot-high diving board after you have been wading in the kiddie pool with floaties the past few years. Or like that first time you signed a school permission slip after you turned 18 and it hit you that you don’t need your mom to sign stuff for you anymore and then you feel like the king/queen of the world.

But just a quick warning: the second you follow these steps you will have adulted. If you still want to swim in the kiddie pool with floaties, now is the time to stop reading (just kidding…keep reading. It’s not that bad).

You have been warned!

Start With $100

In my previous post, I showed you how $5 a day can get you to $1 million dollars. But to do this you have to start saving a little bit of money.

So how much do you really need to start investing? Well technically you don’t need anything. But nothing + nothing = nothing. So, you should definitely start with some money. The best amount to start with as a beginner is about $100. If you have that ready to go in your savings account, then you can get started right away!

If not, don’t sweat it too much. All you need is $5 or $2 a day (whatever works for you there is no pressure at all). If you put away $5 a day then in 20 days you’ll hit $100 and you’ll be ready to adult!

Pro tip

If you’re like me, you don’t trust yourself to keep money in your checking account (even your savings account) without being tempted to touch it. Instead, open-up another savings account (which most banks let you do for free) and you can put your $5 into there. Or you can open up a free online-savings account (with Capital One, for example) and keep your money hidden there.

Open a Cool Savings Account

Once you have saved $100, the next step is to move from the piggy bank to an investing account.

An investing account is like your savings account, except cooler! Much, much cooler. Think of it like this: Investing accounts are that cool uncle that always brings you cool gifts for Christmas. And savings accounts are your grandma. She loves you very much, but always brings you a sweater and socks for Christmas.

Some people also call these cool “savings accounts”: brokerage accounts. But that’s just boring.

So where do you find these cool savings accounts?

Well back in the day, we would have to pull out the phone book and find a broker and then call and talk to these people. But now we have the internet and we can avoid people!

To find these cool “savings accounts”, you could Google “compare brokerage accounts” or visit a website like Nerdwallet.

After you google or visit Nerdwallet, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to Nerdwallet or any website that you find and trust on Google.

Step 2: Search the website for beginner investment or brokerage accounts.

You don’t need all that fancy-shmancy stuff. Basics are all you need.

Step 3: You’re going to get a lot of options. But we can easily find something that works for you.

There are three things to look for:

  1. Promotions: Who doesn’t like special deals, especially when you can get some free money?
  2. Low commission fee: A commission fee is what you pay the “bank” or “brokerage” when you invest (I’ll explain this in another blog post).
  3. Low account minimum: Look for “banks” that don’t ask you to invest an arm and a leg right away.

Step 4: Sign up!

Of course, make sure you know your first and last name and have your SSN ready. Oh, and some might ask you for your driver’s license (but thankfully, they don’t look at our license picture). Also, there might be a little bit of reading involved, but if you have any questions just contact the website or me at and I can give you some tips or help!

Step 5: Now you just have to move that $100 from your bank to your new “bank”!

And you, my friend, have just adulted!


Now the fun part: investing! Because it is about time your money does a little bit of the hard work for you and makes you money without having to lift an arm.

But first we have to learn about stocks! Which I will talk about in my next blog post…

Stay tuned!