Buying a home is one the biggest purchase you will ever make. Congratulations! You hired movers, and you just closed on your new house, so what do you do next?

Buy new furniture…or a boat!

Since your loan was approved you are obviously smart and listened to both your Realtor and Lender, and did not buy new furniture or appliances or make any large purchases prior to close.  So if you are like me, you are dying to decorate. Have at it! Your loan went through and you are good to go on spending money. Or, you didn’t buy that new car you wanted, well now you can.  Or you can also remember to be conservative with your money because…

You are now responsible for all repairs!

Your dishwasher breaks. You used to call maintenance or your landlord when you rented.  Now you are the landlord and maintenance worker. If you are like me, you are good at dialing the best handyman. If it’s an appliance or HVAC item that breaks within the first year, and you Realtor made you aware of buying a 1 year home warranty (like I do), then these things may be able to be fixed or replaced for a small service fee. Otherwise, you are in charge of the expenses. So another one of the smartest things you can do when you move in is…


Set up a repair and maintenance fund.

This is a great idea to have an emergency fund for your new house for when something needs repaired, replaced, or just maintained. That being said, about maintenance…

Use this chart to keep track of what to do and when, to take care of your home.



Lastly…throw a house warming party!

The best part about home ownership is that you can entertain without worrying…Well except about paying your mortgage! But, that’s a worry for another day.