You have the power to transform your life this year! Making time for visualization and building faith and trust in yourself are key elements in this transformation.

I woke up on January 1st, 2018 in the mountains after a fun NYE night with some friends.

How was it already 2018?!

The week before the New Year, I had planned on doing quite a bit of reflection on 2017, planning for 2018, and really getting clear on where I was going. To be honest, it just didn’t happen to the degree I was wanting it to.

After a week of spending time with family – and the flu breaking out among almost everyone – I was exhausted. I even had to cancel and move around some appointments, which happens almost never. So the remainder of the week was spent catching up and having about 2 days for 5 days of work.

My reflection and planning time was plowed over and come January 1st, I already felt a bit behind.

I happened to bring my journal to the mountains, however, and carved out some alone time while others were still sleeping to do my reflection and some journaling.

I was also half tempted to jump out of bed on the 2nd and just go back to my day-to-day routine and the “work” that’s easy and accessible without really a lot of intention or direction. I stopped myself and continued to dive deeper with a meditation and really take some time to reset.

Now, I’m not huge on New Year’s resolutions, but I am huge on being intentional and MAKING time for what’s important to you and your future. If we just wait for life to happen to us, we may miss some really great opportunities and life may run us instead of the other way around.

Our brains want us to just “move on”. Pretend like it’s not that important and keep doing what’s comfortable. In my experience, both of mine and observing my clients, it’s really difficult to feel like or know that you’re making progress without checking in and resetting your intention from time to time.

2017 was a major growing year for me and I knew that it was going to look very different in 2018! I do know though, that if I don’t’ take the time to really sit down and re-calibrate, the next year 2019 will look very similar to this past one.

I know I don’t want to get to the end of 2018 and wonder where the year went.

Or worse… have any regrets about not doing what I know, in my heart, I’m REALLY capable of. 

2017 was very much proof in the pudding for me that visualization, meditation, planning, and manifestation WORK. In late 2016, I was already creating my 2017 intentionally. I started to LET myself catch glimpses of what life COULD REALLY be like… and sure enough, it was.

You CAN have a job you love to wake up to every day. You CAN have all the freedom you’re desiring. You CAN make money doing what you love. You CAN have the relationship of your dreams. You CAN have really amazing and supportive friends and community. You CAN do so much MORE than you even think is possible..

If you can create something in your mind and pair that with the belief that you CAN HAVE IT ALL… then you will. 

There’s good news on many fronts!

  • You do NOT need to wait for a New Year to do this. It’s something you can literally DECIDE any time to do and reset.

  • BUT it is a New Year soon, so why the hell NOT start creating the life that you’ve been curious about for a long time.

I invite you to carve out a few hours this week, before the craziness of life takes over of the holidays and the upcoming new year. And do it for YOU. What do you really want this year and WHY? Or maybe even just in the next month! You don’t have to start huge, but it should kind of freak you out.

You don’t always have to know HOW you’re going to get there. You just need to know the WHAT and the WHY. 

You are not crazy and you are not out of place for wanting what you want. I used to often feel like I was really crazy or just discount something as impossible.  What we believe is typically what we manifest. So, I used to manifest a whole lot of excuses and things I DIDN’T WANT.

Things may FEEL impossible when we first stop, because we haven’t experienced it for ourselves yet.  Just know that it is very possible – a new perspective is just needed.

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