“Your value is not dictated by your paycheck”

I’m sitting at home working from the comfort of my living room, drinking a beautiful cup of Keurig coffee, living out my passions, and thinking about what my life was like 6 months ago. Let me paint the picture for you:

About six months ago (almost to the day), I lived in a different city, was pursuing a different career, and was making a boatload of money. I mean I wasn’t quite on my way to becoming a millionaire yet, but it was good money for a young professional only a few years post college. I was the most financially stable I had ever been, money was absolutely the last thing I worried about. Sounds great, right? Well, it wasn’t. I wasn’t happy in the slightest; to be frank, I was utterly and completely miserable. I hated my job, I didn’t believe in the company I worked for, and dread waking up knowing I had to work Monday thru Friday. My unhappiness carried over into my weekend life, where I would binge watch Netflix and order an embarrassing amount of Taco Bell. Let me tell you when you start using delivery apps to get Taco Bell delivered to your door, you know something is terribly wrong.

As great as it is to never worry about money, to be able to spend a couple hundred dollars without batting an eye, or even just to not have to budget for rent every month(here’s some help with that)…it isn’t everything. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but I’m here to tell you it’s real. If you’re not content with your work life or do not find purpose in waking up every day, then no amount of money will change that.

Here’s my advice:

  1. Explore your passions.
    -You never know where this will take you. You might fail a couple times, but hey what’s life without failure? This will help you grow.
  2.  Do something that makes you excited to get out of bed every day.
    -If you dread waking up, you’re doing something wrong.
  3. Your value is not dictated by your paycheck.
    -Money is important, but it does not determine your worth.
  4. Create your own timeline.
    -Do not let society dictate your future, designate your own path.
  5. Find your purpose, and make it worthwhile.
    -Let this drive you, not the money you make.

And if your passion doesn’t cover your rent…well that’s exactly why WalletGyde is here.


Erika WG

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