“If I had a personalized Journey to show me how to start paying off my debt based on my salary at the time, I would have had my bills paid off in no time.”

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves, the temptation to buy things is all around us. From television ads, radio ads, to even social media ads, companies are competing left and right to grab our attention. Heck, you probably saw this blog post via a social media ad, that’s how you know it’s working. Since the temptation to buy is all around us, how do we pay off our debt? That lost feeling is all too real when figuring out a plan to start paying off our bills. Where do we even start? The answer is simple, all we need is a Journey to get us there.

I think back to the days of my first credit card, it was from the computer retail store Best Buy and man, did I go crazy. I mean who wouldn’t? To an eighteen year old, the thought of “free” money was so enticing, I couldn’t help but take advantage of this miracle. Coupled with the fact that I was an employee with a sizable discount, it was a recipe for disaster. Fast forward 3 years, the balance of my credit card utilization was still high from my initial purchase since I was only paying the minimum payment. I didn’t have the guidance to look at my finances as a whole, see how I can improve my spending, and pay more than the minimum so I could have paid my credit cards off in a more timely manner, increasing my credit score.

I’m not here to boast, but I consider myself an educated individual. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems and I taught myself Marketing and personal finance to help start WalletGyde along with my CO-Founders. But what I didn’t learn in college, is how to pay off my loans, start an emergency fund, or even how to efficiently pay off my bills. That’s something I had to learn by myself…the hard way. Which is why WalletGyde was created in the first place. Saving money doesn’t have to be hard, a lot of us just don’t have that initial guidance to help us take that first step. Because let’s be honest, what exactly is the first step?

Do you know what the answer is? It might throw you for a loop, the first step is solely dependent on who you are financially. You might be thinking, Jourdan, that’s some crap, just tell me what I have to do! Well my friends, I can’t off the bat. The reason is that the first step on your journey is personalized based on who you are and how you already spend your money. That way when you set financial goals, you can actually see them through and build on top of them because the plan is created based on who you are financially. Having a personalized plan or Journey yields more successful results and grows your savings to new heights.

Think back to my example of me having the same credit card balance for three years at Best Buy. If I had a personalized Journey to show me how to start paying off my debt based on my salary at the time, I would have had my bills paid off in no time. So I encourage all of you reading this to start your personalized Journey with WalletGyde by clicking on the link below and telling us your financial goals. We will reach back out and help you achieve them. This is your first step.

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