Denver is known for a lot of interesting things – the Denver Broncos, concerts galore at the extraordinary Red Rocks, the art museums, and don’t even get me started on the burgers, beers, and the mountains. Being affordable may not be the first thing a person thinks of when moving to Denver though!

The mountains, in particular, have remained an indisputable point of interest to many people.

According to Hope Stafford, a long time realtor with Keller Williams DTC, Denver may not be so much of a bubble, but it has a commodity that’ll keep attracting people, and that is the mountains. In other words, if you’re are looking for a realistic, down to earth, and peaceful place to live, with a mountain view, Denver should be on your list.

Talking about living in Denver, your income, budget, credit score, savings, etc, will determine what kind of place you can afford to live in. Still, the cost of living in Denver may not be as dramatic as you might have perceived.


Relocating from one place to another is no child’s play. You need to plan yourself properly to help you manage your resources well. Here are some of the most affordable places to rent an apartment in Denver!

Southwest Area: 

Homes in the Southwest neighborhood of Denver are the most affordable for renters. A rented home in Athmar and Harvey Park cost around $1,239. There is also the Ruby Hill in the Southwest neighborhood of Denver where the average rent is $1,245.

Northeast Area:

This area is made up of neighborhoods such as Downtown, RiNo, Cherry Creek, and Glendale. The cost of living in a place like Cherry Creek is high and so far off compared to Glendale.

Renters in Glendale spend an average of $1,294 for monthly rent, unlike in Cherry Creek where the monthly rent is about $2,089.

Southeast Area:

The Denver Tech Center and the University Hills are two of the most affordable places to live in Denver as a renter. The average rent is about $1,482 and $1,285 respectively.

You can also find an apartment of your choice in Denver with the help of Apartment Guide, and be sure to ask questions before moving into an apartment.


You may prefer not to rent an apartment, and want to buy a home instead. Here are our top picks for affordable places in Denver! Hopefully this gives you an idea of what it takes to own a home in Denver.

Southwest Area:

Again, we have the Southwest neighborhood on the list. You can generally get affordable places in this area as a renter or a homeowner. In the Ruby Creek Hills, the average cost of a home is $358,808, and the mortgage rent is about $1,738. You can also get really affordable homes in Harvey Park for an average of $332,150. The mortgage rent in this area is about $1,609.

Northeast Area:

Glendale and RiNo are the places to look at if you are looking for an affordable home in the Northeast neighborhood of Denver. Houses in Glendale are worth an average of $239,000, while houses in RiNo are worth an average of $325,400. The average mortgage rents for both places are $1,162 and $1,577 respectively.

Northwest Area:

The Highlands and Baker areas of the Northwest neighborhood are a bit on the high side, but not  Capitol Hill. The average cost of homes in the Capitol Hill is about $299,262. The mortgage rent on the average is $1,528.

Interested in seeing a beautiful tour of the neighborhoods in Denver, watch this video that features the Northeast region of Denver. It will give you various locations and hot spots for those of you who may not know your way around town just yet, especially if you are moving to Denver for the first time. If you already live here, and you want to move to a different location, stay tuned for more!

This week, on Wednesday, we are releasing another video from our series, showcasing the Southeast region of Denver!

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