WalletGyde has partnered up with long time realtor, Hope Stafford at Keller Williams DTC to help you explore the beautiful growing city of Denver and decide where you would want to move!

First, in Part 1, we are going to be focusing on the Northeast Region. I’m sure if you are moving to Denver, you might have some questions like “Where should I live?”, “What location would make the most sense?”, and “What are the pros and cons of the city versus outside of the city?”.

WalletGyde is here to help you calm your urges and answer any questions you may have before the big move! Check out this first video of our series to see more details about the Northeast region, which includes –

  • Downtown
  • RiNo
  • Cherry Creek
  • Glendale

We hope you enjoy our little tour throughout the city and nightlife in Denver, Colorado. Maybe you decided that living in the city is for you, we are so glad to have helped out! Or maybe you decided “okay the city is too crowded and busy for me, what else do you have?”. Stay tuned because next week, we will be exploring another region of Denver!

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Comment down below what you think and any questions!