6 Memes About Adulthood for MillennialsIf you’re a millennial who had to learn the hard way about becoming an adult, you can most definitely relate here. You know the struggle is real when it comes to understanding how to pay bills and balance work and play at the same time.

You’re not alone.

Here’s a few memes to give you some comfort about rolling with the punches as an adult in this day and age.
How you feel after a long day of work and then you come home to a dirty apartment, which you have no time to clean because you are in the office all day, and now you need to cook some food before you starve. Relate?

The happiness you feel when you realize that you don’t have to break your wallet on more food because you already did last night, and saved yourself some leftovers.

Is this how you feel when you are trying to pay all your bills before the late fees? Start planning ahead when you can.

You know adulthood is real when you are 30 and feel like you are deteriorating from the inside out.

Sometimes you just need to sleep. But, then you remember that you have rent due tomorrow, 20 new work emails in your inbox, and your boss is calling you non-stop with the next task for the day!

Ever book spontaneous trips just to get away? You should because you deserve it!

OH adulthood! Don’t sweat it though! Becoming an adult can be difficult at first, but everything takes a little time and practice right?

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