The process of self-discovery and uncovering the life you’re truly desiring is not an “easy” one and it surely isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires courage, an ability to own and accept the parts of ourselves that aren’t always pretty, and more. So… are you ready for it? Let’s find out.

For many years, I’ve been on the personal development journey to become the “best version of myself”. For the first few years of my journey, there were certain areas of my life that I avoided making progress in because I was scared to really dig in. I thought that personal development was mainly to help me grow my business and be a successful business person.

And boy… was a I WRONG!

We have all heard that, “how you do one thing is how you do everything.” There was a piece of me that denied that fact for a long time because it was painful to own that fact. At surface level, I did very well in my business. But on the back end, the rest of my life was really not what I was desiring deep down.

About 2 years ago, I hit the metaphorical “wall”. When I was so lost. And I had no choice but to own all parts of my life and take responsibility for what I had created. The good news is, that you can CHOOSE, at any moment, to get on another path.

I don’t want YOU to hit the same wall that I did… because, believe me, it was painful. Address these things NOW – before it gets painful.

So, are you ready to dig in?

I’ve spent the last few weeks talking about fear, because honestly, that’s 99% of what’s going to stand in your way of becoming the person that you really are underneath it all. When we become the person that we really, truly are – our lives start to shift into something amazing.

A lot of motivational speakers will say “Be Fearless”. It’s a nice concept and SOUNDS great, but don’t you think we’d all be doing it if we could?

Fear is crippling and it is debilitating. It’s essentially the fire extinguisher to our dreams and ruins so many of the things we set out to do in life. When it disguises itself in all the ways I mentioned previously, it is hard to even see that it’s happening.

Here’s an easy question to ask yourself to know whether you are living in fear or not:

Yes or no:

Are you clear on what a life without limits would look like for YOU?

If so, do you feel you’re on the right path to actually HAVING that life be your reality?

Don’t bullshit yourself on this one either. If you see that question and you’re immediately coming up with excuses or rationalizing where you’re at – that’s FEAR. Often times, our fear won’t even let us dream.

Answering that first question was almost impossible for me a few years back! Anything you feel you have to rationalize or convince yourself of is just fear talking you down. Making you feel OK and safe exactly where you were so that you don’t  get some crazy idea to break out of your “normal”.

I totally get it, though! If you are feeling you need to defend yourself on why you’re not living your life fully or admitting that there might be something more. I’ve totally been there! Denial was a huge piece of my story. I had to sit with the denial and even sometimes judging myself for not knowing what it was that I wanted.

Working through fear is not just to be “a badass” or to post it on your Instagram and tout it to the world. That’s actually the opposite of what I’m talking about here. This is internal work that is beyond important SO THAT you can live fully and become the BEST version of who you ALREADY ARE.

This isn’t about becoming someone else – that’s what fear is telling you, you should do. You are ALREADY who you want to be. So, we need to peel back the layers of fear that we have protected ourselves with, so we can actually see who we really are.

Part of this process is being WILLING to pull back the layers of those fears and see them for what they really are. They are 100% honestly just lies, but it’s not always pretty and it’s not always easy.

For years, my fear was protecting me so hard that I didn’t even know who I was anymore. Looking myself in the mirror was difficult because I had no idea who I was, nor who I was becoming. I was just taking everyone else’s opinions of who I was and the layers of fear were so THICK.

However, the thought of not knowing who I was and not being proud of who I was becoming was even scarier than looking at these layers of fear.

It’s been a 2+ year process of peeling back those layers and I still am not done. I don’t know if I ever will be, but I’m WILLING to keep going because I see the benefits.

Growth and progress are essential elements of actually FEELING fulfilled and excited about life. Something I’d say that we all deeply desire on a human level.

Seeking things external of ourselves doesn’t do the trick. The excitement and joy only lasts a few minutes and then we are back to square one and on our never ending, chasing journey.

I’ve made a lot of money and no money. I’ve had a great job and I left a great job. I’ve gone to conferences about growth, leadership, and development. Traveled across the world and stayed right here in Colorado. All of that stuff doesn’t matter if it’s not what your heart really wants and aligns with who you TRULY are.

If you want a rich and fulfilling life – living in fear will never get you there. I’ve tried so many other options to get around this more vulnerable and emotional work because it scared the shit out of me. It is pretty scary if it’s something you’ve shoved down or to the side for years on years. So, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If you are dedicated to being the best version of yourself and you actually want to enjoy life fully, keep reading. If you’re not feeling this or don’t want to do the “hard work” to get to the bottom of what’s holding you back from the life you really desire, by all means, click out of this blog post.

This so called “hard work” is not the type of hard work you’re used to, either. That’s why it’s hard. Working hard in our culture has taken on the form of putting your nose to the grindstone and working 90-hour weeks so that you can make millions of dollars (hopefully) one day. I don’t even feel that type of “work” is even hard anymore because there is so much certainty in it.

What I’m suggesting is a whole new type of “hard work”. The work where you put in the effort to peel back these layers that we’ve piled on top of our real selves with the intention and enable ourselves to ACTUALLY live full, prosperous, connected lives. REAL hard work has no guarantees of outcome and there is a high degree of uncertainty.

If you’re OK with leaning into some uncertainty and OPEN to the “hard work” that I’m referring to, keep checking back… because it’s about to get really good!

I might “push some buttons” or “rub people the wrong” way with what I’m going to share with you in the coming weeks. But honestly, I’ve grown to be OK with that.

The reason that I do what I do is because I love people. And more importantly, I LOVE witnessing people grow into the person that they really, truly are. Sometimes, the truth STINGS.

So, if you’re ready to be challenged and you’re ready to shift some of the paradigms that  aren’t working for you anymore – then…

Let’s do this! 

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