Denver has an amazing community of entrepreneurs! Lizelle Van Vurren of Woman Who Startup said that it is like a creative sandbox and if there’s something that you see that does not quite yet exist, you have the potential and the support to quite literally start it!

The city has made, “important and intentional investments in infrastructure,” spanning from the transit system to the central business district in order to accommodate the growth of innovative businesses and  as result is attracting some of the best talent that United States has to offer right here in a central hub, noted Ira Coleman of Fluent Hustle.

4 Reasons Why Denver is the New Attraction for Startup Ventures:

  1. Talent Pool: Denver has a very educated and vibrant workforce. In fact, according to Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, Colorado has the nation’s second-most highly educated workforce. But it has been said that what really set’s Denver apart is it’s startup ethos, rooted in experimentation and boundary-pushing, that is showcased at Denver Startup Week Rico Leon of The Future Consultants said that there’s a different level of energy at Denver Startup Week.
  2. Resources: Denver is a unique place for entrepreneurs, said Peter Adams of RVC. Unlike Silicon Valley that can be more cut throat and VC-centric, Adams, who is the Managing Partner of Rockies Fund and Co-Author of Venture Capital for Dummies, said that Denver has an active community who works together, supports each other and makes things happen! Accelerators such as RVC’s Hyper Accelerator and Tie Rockies Propel program are just a few names of resources in Denver to help early stage startups that are looking for support and mentorship.
  3. Work Spaces: Russell Castagnaro of Wampei said it best when he said that the startup community in Denver is like “co-working central, and that everyone is co-working”. In fact that one of Denver’s biggest accomplishments in the startup arena has been sponsoring the retrofitting of workspaces for the use of small companies, said Paul Washington, executive director of the Denver Office of Economic Development. Some of the top co-working spaces in Denver are: The Commons of Champa, Galvanize, WeWork, and Thrive to name a few.
  4. Lifestyle: Denver is an aesthetically very beautiful place to live an as result is attracting many people. It’s also easily navigable. Within a mile radius of downtown, you have access to all of the cultural and sports facilities, and just a few miles outside of the city you have the mountain. To top it off Mike Kilcoyne said it best that there’s a great work/life balance.

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