“Ask and you shall receive”

A few weeks ago, I decided to try and cut my expenses in any way possible and try to figure out how to save money each month. Why pay full price when I can make life easier by creating so good habits and putting in a little work?


Think about it:

“Wealth is stimulated when you’re actively trying to lower your expenses”


Having money carry over onto your next paycheck is a good feeling and lowering expenses is a good place to start. I wanted that sweet feeling of financial freedom that we all crave! That’s why I decided to save money on the thing I use the most, my cell phone. I called my phone carrier T-Mobile and straight up just asked them, “How I can save money on my monthly bill.” With their help, they showed options on how I can save a few bucks each month.  I ended up switching to a newer and cheaper plan and signed up for automatic bill pay (I needed it, thank God). With these changes, I’m saving $18 on my monthly phone bill. I figured out how to save money each month!

That’s about $200 a month, and all it took was a simple phone call!!


Remember it doesn’t pay to stay quiet and all it takes to save is a simple phone call. Try calling your credit card company or even you cable provider and try and negotiating a lower monthly rate. If the company that’s charging you has a customer service rep, call them! You may be surprised the following month with all the money you just saved. For more ways to save money, check this out!

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