It sounds simple, right? But if it is so simple, why is it so challenging to ask for a raise and earn you money? Why do we perceive a simple meeting with our boss as a threat rather than an opportunity to build our future? This question is something I asked myself a couple months back. When I’m not working at WalletGyde, I am employed at a regular 9 to 5 job, like most startup entrepreneurs. As with anything I do, I strive to perform my best work possible and I sure as hell like to be compensated for it. But after sitting down and acknowledging that I earned a raise, a sinking feeling came over me as if i had just been punched in the stomach: I would have to actually ask my boss for a raise.

I told myself, “What a daunting thing to do”.

For many, asking for a raise is dead last on their to-do list. It was personally as equally nerve-wracking as performing on stage (I’m also a singer). But in my moment of sheer terror, a lightbulb of brilliance occurred:

Asking for a raise is similar to giving a performance.

One major thing that I’ve learned through performance is to regulate my emotions and to change my “Feedback Loop”. The nervousness you experience when asking for a raise can easily be converted into a positive feeling.

Check out what you’re currently doing:

Negative Money feedback loop that doesn't earn you money

The moment that you perceive your performance as a threat, a snowball effect occurs that makes you feel as if you’ve “lost control”. You say to yourself, “I’m going to mess up”, your muscles start to tense, and your heart rate increases. These factors can negatively affect your mindset when asking your boss for a raise. Envision yourself with confidence in your work so that your boss feels comfortable giving you a salary increase.

Check out what I want you to do:

Positive Feedback Loop that earns you money

When you substitute this negative feeling with excitement, you trade your negative feedback loop for a positive one. Rather than perceive the act of asking your boss for a raise as a threat, you’ll realize this is nothing more than a challenge you need to overcome to benefit your future. You’ll enter into the meeting with your boss with more control and precision. And I’m sure your boss will appreciate your new found confidence when asking for a salary increase.

Bonus Material:

A one-time salary increase of $5000 – properly invested – adds up to over $1,300,000 by the time you retire. Even more of a reason to change your feedback loop and just ask your boss already. For a calculator to see where you fit, check it out here!