It pains me to say this…but you have the wrong investing mindset. And to no fault of your own. When you invest, you’re thinking and planning for the future gray-haired you. You are forgoing a beach vacation or that new trendy widget today, for financial freedom tomorrow (I, personally, would like to think that the future gray-haired me can cliff dive and rock a beach body. Wishful thinking, right?). Setting money aside for tomorrow is tough, especially since the tomorrow you can seem so far off in the distance.

Now before we start, we need to make one thing clear: investing is not easy. And not only is it not easy, there is also no way to make it easy (the more comfortable you get with this point, the better off you will be). That said, there are two things that can help make investing just a little bit easier, and one of those things is finding the right mindset. Because a better prepared you, can make all of the difference!

The Dirty Word

Quick: what do you think of when I say the word “investor”?


the right mindset

I am willing to bet that 93.576% of you all thought of some Scrooge-like fella in a business suit with a wicked smile, and money coming out the wazoo (that percentage was calculated using an elaborate process of B.S.). But how many of you thought of this:


Or of this:


Investing gets a bad rap, because many people equate investing with wealth and wealth is what many of us do not have. People think that their $100 or $1000 will get them nowhere, especially compared to the riches that others have.

But that is the problem. We keep comparing ourselves to the likes of the Zuckerbergs and the Gates of the world. And as much as I wish I could compare myself to the likes of Warren Buffet. I would only be setting myself up for disappointment. So the first rule in changing your investing mindset is to stop comparing yourself to those with an exuberant amount of money! It is okay to strive to be like them. But stop with the “look at what they have” and the “why not me” mentality. You are psychologically tricking yourself into thinking that your self-worth is lower than theirs. And that is not true!

You are the Asset

Look at the last two pictures above again.

Those people are all investors. I am an investor. You are an investor. We are all investors. We just invest in different things and in different ways. First and foremost, investing is not just about money. I have invested in my education, but not just at a 4-year university, I have also invested using free or cheap mediums such as,, etc. You may invest in singing lessons or some coding classes.

Thus, the second rule to improve your mindset is…. invest in yourself! When you invest in yourself you are creating value that will reciprocate and provide you a return many times over. It may not be some income initially. In fact, you may lose money to start off. But it will pay off down the road.

Remember, when we invest we are investing for the future. 

The Value of Time


“I don’t have the money!”

How many times have you said or heard that phrase?

Just because you don’t have money to invest today, does not mean that you do not have time to invest. In fact if you take anything away from this post, make it this: rule number threetime >>> money. Time spent wisely, or in this case invested wisely, will reap much greater rewards than any amount of money can.

Think of it like this: You are currently working a dead-end job. There isn’t much room for upward mobility, and the atmosphere stinks (maybe because it literally smells). You are working 8, 9, 10 hours a day, for a few measly dollars. What you are doing is grossly undervaluing your time for money. Of course, you have to pay your bills and all of your bare necessities, but what if you flip this mentality around. What if you find ways to invest your time in things that will improve your net-worth. Take some online digital marketing courses on your free time, attend meetups and network with people. Create a blog and write about what interests you! Anything that improves your return on time invested is worth doing.

Pay Yourself First

pay yourself first

This one is easy and it pains me to see so many people not doing it!

Rule number four: pay yourself first. You have to be selfish and think of yourself ahead of those bills. Set aside some money for yourself each month and spend it on yourself (I’m talking as little as $20 or $30). Make yourself feel the value of all of those hard earned hours that you have worked. Think about it, what is the point of working 160 hours a month, when you don’t reap the reward. Pay yourself first!


The Mindset Recap:

So that is it, the four mindset rules are simple and easy to follow:

1- Stop comparing yourself to others

2- Invest in yourself

3- Time is of greater value than money

4- Pay yourself first

That’s it! You follow my four mindset rules and you will be well on your way to investing for the future you.

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