It’s hard to save money, especially with all the product marketing that bombards us each and every day. Let’s be realistic, remember the last time you searched for something on Amazon? Isn’t it funny how the same product you searched for can display as an AD on Facebook or a recent website you just visited.


Take Apple as an example. They are masters at marketing and very strategic with their advertisements in order to get people to buy. I’m actually one of them, I’m writing this article on my very expensive Macbook pro. The fact is, the temptation to buy and spend our money is all around us. Once we’re hooked in, it’s very difficult to get out of this negative feedback loop of wanting to spend our money each time something new comes out.


The solution, Change your financial mindset.



Changing your financial brain starts with setting long term goals for yourself. Rather than focusing on how much cash you can save during the week or in a month, try setting a yearly goal. For instance see how much you can save for that dream vacation or how much debt you can pay off in a year. Think about the big picture first and develop small goal or “wins” to get you there. This is how you stay financially motivated and more likely to complete the goals you set.


Remember hiccups can happen along the way. That’s why it is important to  see the big picture by defining our long term financial goals. Doing this can help minimize the temptation of buying the “next big thing.”

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